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Concrete Warranty

We at Elite Tiger Landscaping are a leading company in the landscaping space and offer custom concreting services to both, commercial as well as residential customers. While concrete is a very resilient and durable material used in landscaping projects, it does get impacted when exposed to the elements.

We make every effort to make sure that your outdoor concrete flatwork will stay in a good condition and last for a number of years. Be it your pool deck, patio or driveway, we will do everything possible to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the work we have done for you. As a policy, we offer a one year warranty for all the materials and workmanship used in the project, at no additional cost to you. Here is detailed information regarding warranties for the concrete surfaces that we install:

Concrete Surface Facts

Concrete is a material that will develop cracks soon after it has been poured, typically, the very same day. We follow the best techniques in our work in order to control cracking, however, there isn’t any guarantee that the surface won’t crack in different places. Cracks that are 3/16th of an inch or less (gap/height difference) are considered normal.


It’s a common misconception that outdoor concrete flatwork will react in the manner that indoor concrete surfaces do. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Outdoor concrete installations have to endure exposure to the elements, water, ground movement and salt damage.

As mentioned earlier, concrete is an extremely resilient material that is also known for its durability. But it has its cons as well. In some cases, the surface of the concrete may start to flake or pop in certain spots. If this flaking and popping isn’t widespread, it could be caused by small stones, close to the surface, popping out, and isn’t something you should be concerned about.

This doesn’t impact the integrity, functionality or durability of the surface in any way. However, if there is more than 15% of flaking and popping, it’s something you need to be concerned about. If you have noticed this kind of a problem on your new concrete flatwork installations, feel free to call us.


Color is the other aspect that most people have misconceptions about. It isn’t possible for us to create flatwork matching the exact same color of the existing surfaces on your property. This is something we request you to keep in view when you are getting any new flatwork poured adjacent to existing concrete surfaces. Elite Tiger Landscaping offers Spray Decking which can be applied over the old and new surface, which can help give the entire area a uniform look.


It’s possible that there will be a certain amount of settling in parts of the flatwork. We do carefully compact the ground underneath; however, there isn’t any guarantee that it will not shift or crack. Since the sub-grade under the concrete flatwork is something we have no control over, we cannot offer any warranties against settling.


We only replace or repair the section(s) that fit into the category of what our company warranties- industry standard before replacement or repairs is a minimum of 20%.

Elite Tiger Landscaping repair/replace only if a minimum of 15% or more of any part of the flatwork we have poured is pitted or popped, or if any small bits located along the outer edges happen to become dislodged.

We will address warranty issues only in the months of November, December, January & February. If our company is unable to provide this service during these months, we will provide the service as soon as possible.

Please contact us as soon as you notice any of the problems mentioned above, so that a claim can be documented within your specific warranty period. We will send our experts out to your location to inspect the surface and determine what the best plan of action would be. You can rest assured that Elite Tiger Landscaping will address all your flatwork warranty-related concerns promptly and efficiently.


We ask clients to be particularly careful when adding salt to the swimming pool as it is corrosive, just as fertilizer is. If you happen to overspray or spill fertilizer onto your new flatwork, wash it off immediately. The recommendation is that if you are pouring your deck during summertime, water down the deck at least a few times over the course of the day, to help it cure very slowly; this will avoid cracking and shrinking and help ensure you have a smoother, seamless surface in the long term.

If you are facing any problems with your newly-installed, concrete driveway, walkway or any other feature in your landscape, feel free to call Elite Tiger Landscaping at 843-830-7463 or use this Contact Us form to send us queries.

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