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Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC - Our Services

Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC provides more than just weekly lawn maintenance. Please consider us when in need of any of the following services.


We welcome the opportunity to provide full maintenance annual and monthly contracts. However, if all you need is a company to mow the yard, we are happy to help.

Standard service includes mowing, weed eating around all trees, posts, fencing, etc., edging all sidewalks, patios and driveways with a blade edger and clean up of all clippings. Offer pest control, fertilization control, We mulch the grass as it is much better for the lawn. When necessary, grass clippings are bagged and removed from the property.

Landscape Lighting

Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC - Our Services

Shrub and Tree Trimming
Mowing the yard is only half the challenge. Bushes and trees that are not consistently maintained hurt the appearance of even the best-kept property.

Landscape Design and Installation

Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC - Our Services

Experts say remodeling a master bathroom or kitchen can potentially return big dividends at the time of sell. According to Money Magazine, professional landscaping can return up to 200% of the original investment when you sell your property. Call us to today to enjoy the beauty of a landscaped yard by Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC. We will design the landscape to your specifications and professionally install it with minimal inconvenience to you.

Landscape Maintenance

We are good at creating landscape designs that require minimal maintenance. However, your investment and beautiful landscape can quickly disappear if not consistently maintained. Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC can help. We might even be able to save you money on your water bill.

Mulch Installation and Landscape curbing

Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC - Our Services

Mulch is a protective cover placed over the soil to retain moisture, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, and suppress weed growth and seed germination. Using them in gardens and landscaping mimics the leaf cover that is found on forest floors.

Mulching also provides a beautiful contrasting curb appeal. We are happy to provide all of your mulching needs. You just can't go wrong with proper mulching.

Pine Straw Installation

Pine straw or needle is an increasingly popular choice material used for landscape mulch mainly because of its rich auburn color. Another draw is its natural ability to repel many common garden pests such as termites. Pine mulch is also high in nitrogen, so as pine straw decomposes it makes a great fertilizer. Pine straw is also an excellent weed deterrent and protects your bushes and trees from rot.

Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC - Our Services

Backyard Firepits

Adding a fire pit as part of your landscaping will extend the enjoyment of your backyard for you and your guests. They provide warmth, light, a cooking source, and ambiance, making them a natural gathering spot for socializing, entertaining, and relaxation. People are drawn to the campfire-like atmosphere, and before you know it, there will be story-telling and laughter. A fire pit can also serve as an important focal point in your outdoor landscape design. When placed where it can be easily seen from your interior living space, it can be enjoyed from the indoors as well.

Sod Installation

Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC - Our Services

We also offer sod installation on any size yards. Whether its a new house and new lot needing sod or an old existing lawn needs to come up and new sod placed down. Please email or call us for more information.

Holiday Lighting

So you have a beautiful yard and home. Show it off this Holiday season. Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC installs seasonal decorations and lighting.


The addition of a pergola will really make a stunning focal point for any outdoor space. They are typically made from timber and can be custom designed to suit your needs and your taste. Our teams of experienced landscapers are ready to build you a pergola of your dreams and make a statement piece for your property. You will be delighted with the results!

Call today to see if Elite Tiger Landscaping, LLC is the right service provider for you!


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About Us

Elite Tiger Landscaping LLC installs a wide range of architectural and ornamental products, segmental retaining walls, and interlocking pavers.

Elite Tiger Landscaping LLC creates personal getaways, private sanctuaries, and secret havens by blending shapes, textures, and colors to inspire your personal desires.

We specialize in all phases of brick and interlocking concrete pavers design and installation for any residential or commercial exterior application. Elite Tiger Landscaping LLC is at the forefront of paving stone installation. We enjoy what we do, are constantly striving for excellence and warranty our work from the ground up.

*Sod not included in warranty.

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