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Outdoor Living

Your outdoors can become the best spot for rest and relaxation if you have amenities built for outdoor living. These features can be your patio, gazebo, pool deck, or other amenities that are suited for outdoor activities. If you need one for your property, make sure to find a reliable contractor. Installing these features without the guidance of experts may result in a very expensive property improvement project. Read more about Outdoor Living >>

Paver Installations

Pavers are a very commonly used material in most landscaping and yard installation projects. These units are very strong and resilient and are very low maintenance as well. Paver design and installation is a specialized job and it’s important to hire experts like the ones at Elite Tiger Landscaping for it. Read more about Paver Installations >>

Lawn Care

Lawns add liveliness and freshness to a landscape. They also create a very pleasant atmosphere in your garden or yard and add to the value of your home. However, a lawn is never a set-and-forget feature. It takes considerable effort & time to maintain lawns and ensure they receive the right amount of nutrition, water and overall care. Homeowners find they don’t have the time to care for their lawns with regularity. Read more about Lawn Care >>

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape design and installation are very important aspects of ensuring the outdoor areas on your property look great and provide you the functionality you need. But once the installation is complete, it’s crucial that all the elements and features there be maintained with regularity. Trying to handle this job yourself can prove to be extremely time-consuming and tedious. This is why it’s best to hire professionals for the job. Read more about Landscape Maintenance >>


Every landscape is a mix of many different elements and features and all of these have to be used in the right proportion to create a very well-balanced look in the outdoor areas of your property. While the living features such as plantings and trees lend a very fresh and green look to the landscape, the hardscaping adds to the solidity and integrity of your garden and yard spaces. Read more about Hardscapes >>

Decorative Concrete

Concrete is a very extensively-used material in landscaping projects. There was a time when it was considered to be a very dull and boring-looking material; but today, there have been a number of advancements in concrete installation technology and using different types of textured, colored and finished concrete in landscapes is a very trending concept. Read more about Decorative Concrete >>

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About Us

Elite Tiger Landscaping LLC installs a wide range of architectural and ornamental products, segmental retaining walls, and interlocking pavers.

Elite Tiger Landscaping LLC creates personal getaways, private sanctuaries, and secret havens by blending shapes, textures, and colors to inspire your personal desires.

We specialize in all phases of brick and interlocking concrete pavers design and installation for any residential or commercial exterior application. Elite Tiger Landscaping LLC is at the forefront of paving stone installation. We enjoy what we do, are constantly striving for excellence and warranty our work from the ground up.

*Sod not included in warranty.

About Us