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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Charleston, SC

Landscape design and installation are very important aspects of ensuring the outdoor areas on your property look great and provide you the functionality you need. But once the installation is complete, it’s crucial that all the elements and features there be maintained with regularity. Trying to handle this job yourself can prove to be extremely time-consuming and tedious. This is why it’s best to hire professionals for the job.

Landscape maintenance is a specialized job and it’s important to hire experts like the ones at Elite Tiger Landscaping for it. The company caters to customers in and around Ladson, Charleston, North Charleston, and Summerville. They have also handled projects for customers across James Island, Daniel Island and Goose Creek, and have built a customer base in Moncks Corner, and Ridgeville as well. They provide a variety of garden maintenance services such as:

Lawn Care

This is a very vital component of landscape care and you should make sure that the professionals that provide grounds maintenance services also handle lawn care. The lawns will need regular mowing, aeration and de-weeding. It will have to be fertilized and pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments will have to be done with regularity. An expert landscaping company will include these services in your lawn care plans and will make sure that the lawns stay green and healthy throughout the year.


The landscaped areas of your home add to the functionality of your yard spaces. Planning and designing these well and getting them installed from professional, experienced landscapers is the best way to make sure that these outdoor areas are optimally used. When you hire proven specialists for this job, they use the right plans, themes, concepts, features and materials and the right proportion of hardscaping and softscaping features to make your landscape look appealing.

Lawn Maintenance

Getting your landscape designed and constructed is the first stage of your landscaping project. The only way these areas will look good, perform well and be sustainable is when they are maintained well. The lawns tend to see a lot of wear and tear and are constantly exposed to climatic changes; they need regular mowing, de-weeding, aeration, fertilization etc. The company that handles garden maintenance will include turf care in the plans.

Lawn Service

The company that provides you lawn service will include all the essentials of lawn care. In addition to mowing and weeding, the experts will also ensure it receives the right nutrients. Organic fertilizers will be used in the work and they will make sure that the grass is checked for pests and fungal infestations and treated as required. When you are hiring a company for this job, you need to make sure that they provide all-round services based on your specific requirements and the expanse of the lawn.

When you want any landscape maintenance done, you should look for a company like Elite Tiger Landscaping that would be able to provide customized solutions at cost-effective pricing. This will ensure you get the type of outdoor spaces you want on your property.


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